People today are often exposed to the result of predictive analytics. While the use case may seem simple, building out the process that creates the results in real time often has its challenges. By identifying several criteria’s, an analytical system can be created to offer what is known as a multimodal solution. This solution can evaluate and identify the pros and cons of a business’ current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Our approach to predictive analytics is first understanding the type of data we work with and the goals of the organization. Beyond Query will suggest a best practice approach, build a MVP model, test in a small market, and develop a training program. This will allows users to be familiar and comfortable with onboarding and utilizing.

Key aspects of our strategy

The application of Predictive Analytic has been applied to the following areas:

Production planning involves quantifying and analysing the quality of final products; Predictive Analytic can help avoid future failures in the manufacturing process.

Predict customer purchase and consumption habits by implementing data mining process that will anticipate customer needs to achieve a loyal e-commerce customer base.

Predict “quality” of client base by analyzing profile risk, loans management, and unusual fluctuations in the market that can help future projections.

Providing future sales, inventory management or an income forecast. Anticipating offers and cross selling according to the needs of each customer by analysing past data.

Choose an approach that’s right for you

Complete Rebuild

New processes, systems, and user re-assignment. Ideal for businesses with a restructure plan for an entire department or organization.

Infrastructure Update

The more common solution for organizations who need to revise their system to keep up with market demand. This includes workflow, lean distribution, production, and data insight.


Some systems are so deep-rooted into an organization’s infrastructure that implementing or modifying a system is simply not conducive to ramp up time and cost. This choice is to simply setup fail-safe’s to prevent and reduce critical business errors.

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