Beyond Query invest into a wide range of systems from commercial tablets; touch screen display kiosks to POS (point-of-sale) systems. The goal is to understand how internal users and consumers wish to interact and communicate with systems for accurate information transactions and reduce human error.


The technology we work with are vetted and rigorously tested to be proven effective in the environment they operate in. Our clients often adopt these systems to enable innovation and/or create immersive experiential performance to make their business run leaner and more efficiently.

Beyond Query’s goal is to constantly be involved with the latest hardware technology is geared to understanding in the direction human behaviour desire to ensure positive and reinforced engagement. Our clients benefit from this by us proposing a plan that is tailored for short term or long term deployment.

We want our clients to know our exposure to hardware is equally as important as the software we work on. By being able to propose hardware with the software we work with, we are able to introduce the best overall experience for end-users.

See our Product section to learn how our tools can enable internal interaction, consumer ecommerce transactions, and collect user information. Contact us if you would like to learn more from one of our consultants.