“Vision” in technical terms, is a system that can identify items, places, objects, or even people from image alone. These items are captured visually either by camera or sensor. The fundamental use has been widely adopted by many businesses to use for many purposes.

Understanding how data works for you

Statistically, Fortune 500 organizations do a good job at utilizing all their data. However most large businesses and enterprise organizations under utilize the collected raw data. Modern data tools allow organizations of every size with large data samples to see the value in bringing data together in a digestible manner. Our team is capable in deciphering and identifying information tools that will integrate into an organization’s existing system. We show our clients the wide array of tools available to improve their information communication integrity.

Every visual data connection made will allow a new process to be created. Organizations will often take advantage of this technology to mitigate disaster/recovery protocols, or collect valuable consumer behaviour data for marketing insight.

Applying Computer Vision

The application of Computer Vision has been applied to the following areas:

Consumer purchases today are often capturing product with a smartphone to identify the “best deal” while the data provided towards market research study.

Without monitoring full time, a system can identify erroneous or flawed occurrences just from image capture. An example is a video camera recording.

Facial identification technology has been highly adopted as a form of security bypass control. This reduces the risk of breaches and streamlines any given process

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