A central set of product data can be used to feed information to media such as websites, print catalogs, ERP / CRM systems, and electronic data feeds to organization partners

ADA is an artificial intelligence driven Product Information Management (PIM) platform with a set of processes and tools that centralize and manage an eCommerce business’ product information. The platform is capable of predicting patterns from various big data sources to ensure a single, accurate view of suggestion. By eliminating the need for multiple management tools such as cataloging, business process and data assurance tools, ADA is a cost-effective centralized platform that can manage data on most eCommerce information products. The biggest difference between ADA and other Catalog Management software is that ADA is all-encompassing and goes beyond just data enrichment by means of communicating with most major CRM, ERP, catalog management, business process management, and data quality software.

Why choose ADA:

  • Able to integrate with most major databases and systems
  • Live reporting with pattern recognition
  • Faceted search navigation that learns usage patterns
  • Create and manage categories to organize products
  • Automate and maintain quality product data and information consistently
  • Push products/information out to retail, social media, marketing, or sales channels

Touch technology is at the forefront of user engagement today. In order for a user interface to be “touch-friendly,” it must allow the user to navigate comfortably using only their fingers without a mouse and keyboard. This is a different paradigm in public settings as design and development needs to be intuitive for the general public.

Beyond Query has has developed an array of touch-friendly applications used nationwide. Our creative team will work with our clients to create a touch-friendly user interface design specifically for the organization’s user type. Contact us to learn more.

Beyond Query Approach to Comprehensive Support

When you partner with Beyond Query, you are enlisting a full-service team. Our support operates in two fields: applying services on background maintenance to optimize our client’s setup and an adaptation plan for contingent matters to be expected. To keep your site running smoothly at all times, we test ADA updates thoroughly and take the necessary steps to push them into the system. Our team will proactively recommend changes on an ongoing basis to keep your setup secure and at the forefront of technology.