Our area of expertise is widely known for technology consultation focused on providing business organizations with transformative technology, or maintaining the momentum in the “innovation race” within a specific market.
Over the years, the experience, innovation, strategy, product acquisitions, and relationships with all our partners enabled us to create more than the sum of isolated parts; we developed a framework that business organizations can understand and execute seamlessly.

At Beyond Query, we understand the importance in the steps taken to the foundation in developing a plan for the ideal system.

The Foundation

Here is the fundamental approach we take to understand if we are are the organization right for your business.

Understanding your business is critical if we possess the expertise to provide quality service. We conduct a deep dive into the organizational goals, current status, then desired and existing process. Beyond Query’s team will review the business methodology and how our work will impact the organization as a whole.

If there is synergy between the two organizations, Beyond Query will deliver a plan of execution proposal that includes discussion notes with key member involvement, our interpretation of the business situation, a needs analysis report, and several execution approaches with a detailed cost/benefit analysis.

The approved approach will begin either on client site or designated location. Commonly our execution begins with a MVP and deployment in a small market to determine effectiveness of the approach. A review of the results is conducted with client stakeholders to decide whether to continue or consider another approach.

Post deployment feedback and input process is implemented to refine the system. This process begins with recapping the original goal and if the current system is achieving the momentum needed to be successful. If feedback results are negative, we propose fixes. If positive, we begin the hand off process to the client.

Systems need updating the same way every piece of technology is required. These updates can range from client requests, market demands, or system mandated. All of our system builds are designed to be scalable in the best way possible.

See some of our solutions if they’re a good fit for your business. Or contact us if you would like to learn more from one of our consultants. We provide innovative solutions and products to organizations who understand the value of technology in business practice.